Adding a Twitter Profile Widget in BlogEngine.NET

If you’ve ever gone to my blog over the years you’ll know that I’m not much of a widget guy.  I like a simple sidebar with only the essentials. As Twitter has become a more important element in Digital Daily I decided to finally do the deed and put a Twitter Profile widget on my blog.  The Profile widget displays your avatar and last few tweets.

Here’s what the Twitter Profile Widget looks like on my blog.  You’ve seen it elsewhere 100’s of times, I’m sure.

I took five minutes to add the widget.  Seriously. And most of that time was in setting the colors and dimensions.

Here’s the Twitter Widgets page, a section of Twitter Goodies.  Select “My Website” then the “Profile Widget.” Enter a few fields to specify dimensions and select colors, then “Finish and Grab Code.”  At that point you will copy and paste that HTML into your BlogEngine.NET theme’s site.master page.

Look for the following code in site.master.

<div id=”sidepanel”>
    <blog:WidgetZone runat=”server” ID=”rightzone” />

Paste the HTML from the Twitter Widget form either above or below the <blog:WidgetZone /> line. Simple, like most everything involved in using BlogEngine.NET.

Oh yeah, you can follow me on Twitter at I think I’m required to say that at the end of a blog post about Twitter widgets.

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