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I found myself responding to tweets about BlogEngine.NET this afternoon.  I was communicating with a cyber-bud with whom I go way back through Community Server who like many other long-time CS users is looking at alternatives to Telligent products.  One of the things I was asked was to compare BlogEngine.NET to Graffiti.  With only 140 characters to elaborate, I tweeted

BE.NET lacks the CMS Graffiti bits, but lean, extremely fast, very active community.  Not Telligent.

I’m not a spokesman for the BE.NET community and am by no means a BE.NET expert, but since I had the luxury of more than 140 characters here I thought I’d mention a few BlogEngine.NET factoids that may provide an quick overview for you.

I’ll start with a fun fact:  my BlogEngine.NET database, which by the way, also houses Gallery Server Pro for my Photos, is 20 megabytes.  My blog has 1874 posts and 2959 comments, and full search capability.  CS tore through 100 DBVT.COM megabytes in 2005 and hasn’t looked back.  I ran SQL cleanup scripts on my CS database regularly to keep it manageable, but I have the feeling I won’t need to be doing that in BE.NET. Here’s my BE.NET database zipped for download from my host along with archived CS databases.  3.83 megs.  It’s almost embarrassing how small my database is, but hey, it’s not the size that matters, it’s the motion of the data bits as they say.


Here is the BlogEngine.NET feature list you can scan through in 2 minutes, which you’ll appreciate if you’re an old Community Server Documentation Destitutionalist like me, is very current.  Don’t forget to skim through the BE.NET feature table as well.  One thing which neither of these lists makes clear is that BlogEngine.NET is a single blog application.  According to the BE.NET Roadmap, multiple blogs for a single installation are coming, but that could be an important consideration in the short term.

Now that I’m ready to wrap up, I guess this is a pretty lightweight introduction.  Sorry.  I think I’ve got a Big Finish for you though: Extensions.  An important selling point of Community Server was its global event architecture to support CSModules.  BlogEngine.NET provides the same capability through Extensions.  The Supported Events in BlogEngine.NET are listed in the BlogEngine.NET Wiki.

I do have one more BE.NET draw for you tonight, the active community around BlogEngine.NET.  Here are today’s discussions.  36 posts according to my newsreader.

And did I mention BlogEngine.NET was really fast?

Tweet!  Tweet!

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