BlogEngine.NET Thumbnails from Gallery Server Pro. An Update.

The Sueetie v3.2 Release included a Blog Post Thumbnail Addon.  BlogEngine.NET Post Thumbnails generated from Gallery Server Pro, or author avatar, by blog category, a thumbnail of the first image in the post, and a couple of other options.  Pretty fun, and I quickly installed it on my blog.  

I went with a seasonal display of my Walking the Dog photo albums at DBVT.COM.  Summer for summertime, Fall for when it’s fall…you get the idea. To get that summer vibe going I selected Walking the Dog – Summer 2010 photos.

The Sueetie Blog Post Thumbnail Addon allows me to display images from any album and all of its child albums. This sounds great, but it just wasn’t good enough.  Why?  Because I was limited to a single year’s summer photos for my thumbnails.  Let’s look at the album paths so you can guess what the new update might be.

I wanted ALL summer photos, so we needed to step outside of the normal album hierarchy for our Gallery Server Pro image set.  Online at and coming in Sueetie Version 3.3, the Blog Thumbnail Album Path Option.  The Album Path Option retrieves images from Gallery Server Pro albums based on the album path root.  To display Walking the Dog Summer Photos for all years, the Album Path Root is “/Walking the Dog/Summer.”


Configuring the Album Path Option

You would select the "Random Media Gallery Image" for the Post Thumbnail Type as you would normally. Rather than selecting an album with its child albums, a new item has been added to the Media Gallery Album Selector, the "Fixed Album Path" option. Then enter your album path root in the field provided. The album path’s base is your /media/gs/mediaobjects folder.


I’m pretty sure we’re done with Blog Post Thumbnails for a while, as I can’t think of anything else we would need it to do.  Enjoy the DBVT.COM Blog Post Thumbnails of my goofy pup Gus from last summer with occasional snapshots of my best buddy Murphy and his sister Sadie.  Remember the thumbnails are lightbox-enabled if you want to see a larger view.

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