DBVT Enterprises BlogEngine.NET 1.6 Compliant!

When Al Nyveldt announced the release of BlogEngine.NET 1.6 a few days ago I knew that whatever was on my geek calendar would have to wait until I was running the latest version of this most excellent blogging application.

The BE.NET 1.6 Release Notes are found at DotNetBlogEngine.NET. Some of the new features include Centralized Comment Management, Comment Spam Filtering with plug-in support, Multiple Widget Zones, several new widgets, a new logging system, unhandled exception handling and more. I also think it’s even faster than 1.5, but I’ve read nothing to confirm that. 🙂

Not only is my dbvt.com blog running the latest and greatest, but so is the Sueetie.com News Blog and the Public Demo Group Blog.  I upgraded dbvt.com first and it took the longest because I rebuilt the theme completely from fresh BE.NET 1.6 theme files, not wanting to miss anything new.

Speaking of what’s new, I really haven’t explored the new features, but I plan to. The following image pretty much captures the biggest changes you’ll see at my dbvt.com blog at the moment, which is to say you won’t see much different. Circled for what’s new we see a Twitter retweet button and a Tags display line.

New features on dbvt.com blog

As for tags, I talk about SEO all the time yet overlook one of the principle methods of improving discoverability.  As for the Twitter retweet button, that’s a bit more interesting. You simply cannot find a simple button that performs retweeting, at least I couldn’t. I finally found the format on a Squidoo FAQ page.

"http://api.tweetmeme.com/share?url=<%= thisUrl %>&source=<% myTwitterName %>" target="_blank"

The button works really well, sending you straight to your twitter page and populating the tweet, complete with a bit.ly url. If you need to login, it will do that, then redirect you to your home page.

Twitter retweet from simple button

If you’re interesed in some of the other modifications I made to BlogEngine.NET on dbvt.com, I made the same on the Sueetie blogs and described them on this Sueetie Post.

Having upgraded three blogs, the most satisfying result is being able to look at the footer on any of my web pages and see "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" Sweetness!

BlogEngine.NET 1.6 Footer

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