My BlogEngine.NET Social Bookmarking Widget

I’ve been asked about the Social Bookmarking widget I added to my BlogEngine.NET blog.  I wanted to give this to you along with a few instructions.  To be clear, very little of the widget is mine, so I’m more like passing it along instead of giving it away, but let’s not quibble over semantics.  Also, there are existing social bookmarking BE.NET extensions like this excellent one from Danny Douglass.  If you’re interested in a bookmarking widget be sure to check out Danny’s extension and others on the BlogEngine.NET Extensions list.

First, here is a zip of the .pngs used in the control, along with a template.psd if you want to add others.  Here is the DBVTPostView.ascx file you’ll want to use with your custom postview control.

DBVTPostView.ascx…custom postview control…wha?  For efficiency sake, in BlogEngine.NET both the Post.aspx page and PostList.ascx control share the PostView.ascx control. We want the Social Bookmarking widget to appear on the post but not in the post list, so we’ll modify post.aspx.cs Page_Init() to load DBVTPostView.ascx containing the widget.

string path = Utils.RelativeWebRoot + “themes/” + theme + “/DBVTPostView.ascx”;

A service like Add This! that Danny uses is probably a smarter play, but the buttons on my social bookmarking widget are sweet.  (I can say that because all but two of them were created by someone other than me.)  If you do decide to use a button service like Add This! and not use Danny’s extension, you’ll still want to create a custom PostView.ascx control.

One thing I know, add a Social Bookmarking widget to your BE.NET blog and hilarity will surely ensue.

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