Using Comment Blacklist Extension for BlogEngine.NET

As I said before, I don’t get spam with BlogEngine.NET.  Never have.  Yet lately I’ve been starting to see Busby SEO comments popping up.  Deleting them gets old fast so I decided to get Chris Blankenship’s Comment Blacklist Extension for BlogEngine.NET.  Because BlogEngine.NET is so blazingly fast, I rarely add extensions on general principle. This lightweight extension simply checks the author name and removes the comment if it matches a blocked author listed in the admin console.


If I find that I need even more protection I’ll get Ruslan Tur’s very cool Commentor extension.  This works with Keyvan Nayyeri’s Waegis spam control service, which I’ve been wanting to use forever.  The problem is that with BlogEngine.NET I never needed that kind of protection. I’ll probably end up installing Commentor just so I get to use Waegis, whether I need it or not.

Yeap, lots of great BlogEngine.NET extensions out there…

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