Using the Power of the Sueetie API for Good (Fighting Blog Spam)

There was a flood of pingback spam hitting .NET-based blogs over the last 24 hours as you may or may not know. In discussing it on Twitter someone tweeted about modifying the Comment Email Extension to do IP filtering which is when it dawned on me that Sueetie has IP Banning support.  Sueetie IP Banning was designed to block spammy users from polluting a Sueetie Community, but it could be equally effective in blocking pingbacks by their originating IP address.

I must tell you right off the bat that BlogEngine.NET’s superior spam filtering makes this Sueetie IP Banning Extension completely unnecessary.  To be honest I didn’t know BlogEngine.NET’s 1.6 Spam Module was as good as it was or I may not have considered a Sueetie IP Banning Extension.  I’ve been using home-grown spam blocking alternatives from BlogEngine.NET 1.4x so I never investigated the newest capabilities.  They’re really awesome.  I suppose the Sueetie IP Banning Extension is useful because it can be centralized and configured once across multiple blogs by a site administrator, but there’s little other utility that’s not already built into BlogEngine.NET.  In fact, look at this screenshot of BlogEngine.NET blocking today’s pingback spam provided by Ruslan Tur.

Now look at the data the Sueetie IP Banning Extension blocked since last night when I put it online. Pretty much the same data, only the Sueetie Extension processed it before the BlogEngine.NET filter.


Here’s the Sueetie IP Banning Administration page at DBVT.COM for those who haven’t seen it.

Next I added a BlogEngine.NET extension to filter the pingback’s originating IP address. Below is the essence of the SueetieTrackbackCheck Extension. We test the UserHostAddress, and if blocked we delete it with Post.GetPost(post.Id).RemoveComment(comment). What’s brilliant in BlogEngine.NET Extension design is that whatever modules the comment is passed (sending comment notification, for instance) will recognize the comment as non-approved and handle it accordingly. Au-to-ma-tic.

Like I said, I have more to tell you under the heading of "BlogEngine.NET Comments and Me," but will do that separately. What’s cool here is how the Sueetie Framework can be easily summoned to supplement processes of already outstanding applications–whether they need it or not. heh!

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