Nordic Track Book Club Review: Freakonomics

It’s been a good couple of weeks on the ol’ Nordic Track Ski Machine.  Only missed a few days read-ski sessions.  Regularity is good.

Freakonomics was a book I was looking forward to. Now having read it, I just don’t understand its wild appeal.  The introduction was subtitled “The Hidden Side of Everything” and the authors were true to delving into hidden truths based on faithful data analysis.  Interesting questions, certainly.

  1. Why do school teachers cheat on exams?
  2. Why did violent crime drop in the 90’s? (Hint, it had something to do with Roe vrs. Wade in the 70’s.)
  3. Why do drug dealers usually live with their mothers?
  4. Why is the Klu Klux Klan like Real Estate Agents?

I guess my main problem with the book was that the issues were probed to death.  More questions with a livelier pace and less analysis would have been much more interesting.  And I guess I don’t give a rip why drug dealers with their mothers or why parents name their children the way they do.

1 out of 5 Nordic Track Ski Stars on this one. 

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