Nordic Track Book Club Review: New Rules of Marketing & PR

I’ve read several of David Meerman Scott’s books and have enjoyed each of them. Scott also authors an interesting Twitter stream at @dmscott. The complete title of his 2007 release is The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly.  Lots of good information on the role of content in marketing your product or service.   Excerpts from the first 100 pages below.  4-out-of-5 [NordicTrack] Ski Stars.


p.19 Instead of a one-size-fits-all website with a mass-market message, we need to create many different micro-sites, each aimed at a narrow target constituency.

p.23 Get down to the essence of what your product solves and write good stories about that.

p.25 PR is about your buyers seeing your company on the web.

p.30 The big hits come by getting to the little guy.

p.31 Organizations gain credibility and loyalty with buyers through content. Smart marketers now think and act like publishers in order to create and deliver content targeted directly at their audience.

p.32 Once marketers and PR people tune their brains to think about niches they begin to see opportunities for being more effective at delivering their organization’s message.

What visitors really want is content that first describes the issues and problems they face, and then provides details on how to solve those problems.

p.37 My typical response, “What’s the goal?” often throws people off.  It’s amazing that so many marketers don’t have established goals for their marketing programs and for their websites and blogs in particular.

p.39 Web content directly contributes to an organization’s online reputation by showing thought leadership in the marketplace of ideas.

p.51 Reputation management is important and media measurement is a key part to what PR people do. Companies are already measuring what’s going on in the media. Now they need to also measure what’s going on with blogs.

p.63 There is no good reason why organizations shouldn’t communicate directly with their audiences without a media filter via releases.

p.64 Bullet list of “The New Rules of News Releases.”

p.93 The formula for going viral is a combination of some great (and free) web content that is groundbreaking or amazing or hilarious, plus a network of people to light the fire, and all with links that make it very easy to share.

p.108 A great website just feels right, as if the creator of the site cares a great deal and wants his or her passion to shine through.


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