A Busy Day for Drive

I released Drive v1.0.1 today.  Thanks to the good feedback I’ve been receiving, I’m seeing how important it is for the Drive Startup Project to compile clean and without any problems. The Project Startup templates are the foundation of generating custom Community Server code in Drive, so I’ll continue working to make Drive startup project generation as automatic as possible.

In my haste to make Drive available, I didn’t test various startup template properties as much as I should have.  I missed setting Namespace and Data Provider Prefix properties in two templates, hard-coding them with the default “DRIVE” value instead.  This enabled the Drive Startup Project to compile clean with the default values, but generated compilation errors with other values.  This is now fixed in v1.0.1.

Apart from today’s framework update, I made a few posts to the Drive blog, restructured the Drive Support Forums a bit (converted “Announcements” into “Tips and Reference Info” and created a new “Project Startup” forum), and anonymously re-posted a question I received in an email in Drive Forums from a developer new to CodeSmith on how to setup CodeSmith SQL Data Connections.

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