CodeSmith and Business 2.0 Surveys Black on Black

Two survey requests were waiting for me in my inbox this morning.  Being a big fan of both CodeSmith and Business 2.0 I clicked to respond.

The CodeSmith survey was the classic example of Too Many Questions–eleven questions requiring customer thought and deliberation.  I answered two questions and called it Late for Supper.  Only the most zealous CodeSmith users will take the time to complete this lengthy survey and as a result the responses will be skewed on the high side.  Lots of Love from the guys who dedicate themselves to the goal of completing this form.  A few simple questions with an open suggestions field would have yielded much better information from more respondents.

On to Business 2.0, who asked a more realistic 5 questions and a suggestions field. None of the 5 questions were too demanding except for super-freak question #3 that landed the survey on today’s Poopy Survey List.  Does this look redundant or maybe a bit anal to anyone else?  Ignoring that I was soon at the suggestions field where I was able to say, “Keep up the good work. Om Malik is a God.”


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