CodeSmith for Blog Posts

I wanted to add a few Stylin posts to my new Stylin Mirrored Blog tonight, but didn’t want to deal with entering the posts from scratch.  They each have the same format after all: some text to describe the page, a thumbnail that links to a full-size screenpic, the date I originally captured the screen image, and a link to the site.  A simple pattern.  I put the blog online last night after having the idea to do it yesterday afternoon, and tonight I was thinking about creating a Community Server Module to render the post details for me.  The module’s snippet would have looked something like:

[stylin: image1022.jpg,9/15/2007,]

The opening original comments would complete the post.

I didn’t really like that idea, so since we’re talking about a template, why not use CodeSmith?  About five minutes to crank out the template and I have something I like better than a CSModule.

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