CodeSmith Template to generate Business Objects from Views: Discovery

Funny how pursuing one area of information leads to other areas of discovery.  I wanted to discuss coding to the .Text Data Provider model in 0.95 and needed to mention how I generated a business object and its collection with CodeSmith.  Then I remember that for the data provider business object Notification I used a template that was close and then edited it. I took the quick-n-dirty approach instead of using a template built specifically for generating a .Text business object.  A template just for .Text business objects is something I could definitely use, but before I wrote the .CST to create the .Text business object myself I thought I check out the available templates at the CodeSmith Forums Shared Templates area. 

First of all, if you don’t use CodeSmith, you need to start.  And if you do use CodeSmith and haven’t checked-out out the CodeSmith Shared Templates area, you need to say hello.  Lots of great stuff there, authors to rap with, and things to learn.

I haven’t tracked down an exact match for the .Text Business Object template I was looking for, but I did see a new post asking if there was a template for generating a Business Object from a view.  Well heck yes!  I wrote one about a year ago and its great!

So what I need to do (and have already started) is to put together a step-by-step on it here at and put the .CST on the forums.   Promise.

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