Introducing Drive, a Rapid Development Framework for Community Server

I’m excited to announce the release of Drive, a Rapid Development Framework for Community Server.  You can learn more about Drive and download the framework at

“Rapid Development Framework for Community Server” is a rather high fallutin’ description, I know, so what exactly is Drive?  Drive is a collection of CodeSmith Templates I created over the last two years doing Freelance Community Server Development.  I felt the templates were at a point of completeness that I could share them with other Community Server developers, so I packaged the collection and created Drive.

I know Community Server Developers like myself are going to find the CodeSmith template library a HUGE time saver, so I was torn over how much to charge for it.  I ended up making the decision to give Drive away for free, with the only requirement being to register at  The exciting thing to me is that Drive is now out there, and through the collective experience of other developers Drive can now evolve into a better product.

Because Drive is free and I have a day job, support will only be available on the Drive site Support Forums.  I am also well into documenting every CodeSmith template, so that should help answer questions as well. I should be finished with product documentation in the next couple of weeks.  The Drive site has a blog which I will be using to announce product updates and news.

I need to say a word to those of you who may be wondering what the heck is going on with me if I can release a Rapid Development Framework for Community Server after saying that I’m moving away from Community Server.  The simple answer is that I still do a lot of Community Server development and Drive has been something I felt I had to release before I could move on to other non-Community Server aspirations in the hopper.  Community Server is a phenomenal product. I love working with it. Drive is an outgrowth of that experience.  There will be more to come from me that has nothing to do with Community Server, but tonight I’m celebrating Drive!

Below is a screenpic of the Drive CodeSmith Template Library.  I hope you don’t mind scrolling a smidge. 


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