.netTiers from 5000 feet

I’m on the docket with other developers for next Monday’s Vermont .NET Users Group meeting where I get to demonstrate CodeSmith for 20 minutes.  It’ll be a great show with several local developers showing their favorite development tools.  As part of the CodeSmith presentation I wanted to demo .netTiers.  Dan Hounshell wrote an excellent introductory piece on .netTiers recently, so I’m going to add a 5000 foot view to Dan’s post with more detail to follow.  The “alcvt” you’ll see in the screenshots below refers to to my church website which may very well get a .netTiers makeover.  Nothing like a charity site to build some chops in a tool you don’t get the opportunity to work with normally.  For our purposes, however, I’ll use the site to demo the splendor of .netTiers.

.netTiers is one of the template packages included in the CodeSmith 4.0 sample templates, as shown below.



Using the .netTiers template also gives you the opportunity to work with the new CodeSmith 4.0 Projects where you can specify a startup .cst template and default properties for that template.




Okay, what does .netTiers do?  It creates a complete website and solution that gets you well on your way to slinging data around with ease.  All of the project files you see below were created by the .netTiers project templates in CodeSmith in about 30 seconds. 


I hope to get into the framework specifics in future posts, but to give you a taste of coding in .netTiers, below is a simple web page screenshot and its .netTiers-generated code in the .CS code-behind.  The .ASPX page is straight ASP.NET that you’ve seen before.


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