Community Server Beta Byte for April 10, 2008

cs2008 beta forum bits

  • With the release of the CS2008 RC1 I thought I’d better crank out a final anticipatory CS2008 Byte with the Beta Byte handle.  Most of my readers know that I don’t do Community Server betas, but thankfully a LOT of other developers and site admins have been banging on the CS2008 betas and making an incredible contribution to the quality we’ll enjoy in CS2008.  The Telligent Core Team has been extremely responsive to all input in my opinion, and as I said, that input has been amazing.
  • Ben on the new Centralized File System. “Post attachments, media files, user files, user avatars, group avatars, site files, blog files, role icons, rank icons, … are all stored in CFS.”  Or as Ken says in another thread, “With CS 2008, we no longer support storing files in the database at all.”
  • I loved Jose’s analysis of sites that support automatic creation of user blogs.  Admins spending “too much time moderating posts and too many blogs were simply empty.”  This post earns its CSBit-ness in Jose’s description of the new “Announcements” support in the user profile as well as the ability to “leave comments” on another user’s profile.  Both of these features are syndicated, which I’m very happy to see.  Syndication is good…
  • Look for the <CSMedia : MediaGalleryPostViewerMediaTypeCondition /> control in CS2008 to customize a media post based on type of media.
  • “Both the post attachments and avatar folders did not copy over correctly” causing pictures not to display.  Just one of several case studies on CS Forums that remind us that perusing the Upgrade readme prior to upgrading CS2007 to CS2008 is highly recommended.
  • To view thumbnails in CS2008 as anonymous, from Ben, “Grant the “Everyone” role “Download” permission to that media gallery and the thumbnails will appear when not logged in.”  I assume this is the out-of-the-box default, but Bit-worthy just in case.
  • On CS2008 forum thread Unanswered status changes, from Jose. “If the forum supports “Mark as Answer” and none are “marked”, then it’s still unanswered.”
  • Jose tells us that roles are not used with CS2008 groups.  Cool.  He also links to a post from Wyatt on how to move an existing forum into a new group.
  • While the upgrade to CS2008 requires that existing file galleries and photo galleries are upgraded into the new media gallery, Jose reminds us that we can support only particular file extensions in different media galleries.
  • Jose on the changes to private messages in CS2008.  Good deal!  “In Community Server 2008, the “private message” feature is no longer associated with forums (so it doesn’t benefit from thread read/unread status). It’s part of our new Messaging system that supports profile announcements, comments, activity logging in addition to ‘conversations’.”
  • A lovely example of using the REST Web Server API coming in CS2008 from Ken to retrieve forum threads.  Here’s an example on using REST to obtain user information from Jose.
  • This will be old hat once CS2008 becomes more widely adopted, but this embedded forum post video example from Ben is sweet.  Ben lists the image, video, audio and web video formats the new “Insert Media” window will support in CS2008.
  • Time will uncover the extent of new CS2008 SSO capabilities available, but for now we’ll go with what Ken tells us is in store.  “In CS 2008, the SSO modules will support passing additional profile data (ie, display name), as well as role data.”
  • Group icons are on tap.  Unique to group, specified by group owner.
  • More from Ben on widgets in CS2008.  “We added support for Widgetbox widgets, Springwidgets widgets, Google Gadgets, custom HTML, and RSS widgets — so anywhere that widgets are supported in a theme, any of these content options can be used.  Widgets can be added anywhere within a theme — including the body of certain pages.”

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