CS Nuglet: Centering a variable item Navigation Menu by role

This is a pretty simplistic nuglet, but I went about my business for two days living with a non-centered navigation menu until this simple fix presented itself.  The issue is one most of us encounter: Anonymous users see 4 menu items in their Navigation List, Registered Users see 5.  This is usually not an issue unless we need to center it on the page.

CSS-wise we use an Outer Div at 100% width, then place the Navigation List in an Inner Div of a set width using auto margins.  The problem is specifying the width of the inner Div because we don’t have a set number of menu items.

The solution is adding the Inner Div based on role, like so.


<CSControl:ConditionalContent ID=”ConditionalContent1″ runat=”server”>
            ID=”UserPropertyValueComparison1″ runat=”server”
            UseAccessingUser=”true” ComparisonProperty=”IsAnonymous”
            Operator=”IsSetOrTrue” />
           <div class=”InnerAnonymous”>
            <div class=”InnerRegistered”>
<CSControl:NavigationList ID=”NavigationList1″ runat=”server” Level=”0″
    Theme=”drive” Property=”navigationItems”

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