CS Nuglet: Determining first forum thread post for custom UI display

I needed to display a graphic under the user avatar on the first forum thread post today and found it to be an interesting little task.  Essentially I took an approach similar to highlighting an author’s comment in CS2008.5, which I always thought was pretty slick.  You’ll find that on …/hawaii/post.aspx.  Look for IsAuthor().

For our purposes of displaying a graphic in the first forum thread post under the user avatar, we add a Conditional Content control with a custom IsFirstPost() method.


<CSControl:ConditionalContent ID=”ConditionalContent1″ runat=”server”>
<CSControl:CustomCondition ID=”CustomCondition1″
            runat=”server” CustomResult='<%# IsFirstPost(Eval(“Subject”)) %>’ />
        My cool graphic…
    <FalseContentTemplate />


Our IsFirstPost() method checks if the subject begins with “Re:” to indicate it’s a reply.  I’ve scoured the ForumPost object for a distinct property to use instead, but didn’t find one I liked.  Or else I was approaching it wrong.  Regardless, the subject “Re:” test works just fine.


<script runat=”server” language=”C#”>

    bool IsFirstPost(object subject)
        bool isFirstPost = true;
        if (subject.ToString().Substring(0,3) == “Re:”)
            isFirstPost = false;
        return (isFirstPost);


Now my cool graphic appears under the user avatar of the first forum thread post only.

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