CS Nuglet: Disabling Blog Editor “Are you sure???”

The Community Server blog edit page, PostEdit.aspx derives from BaseBlogPage.cs, which derives from PanelPage.cs, which derives from CSConfirmationPage.cs, which is where we enjoy the popup “Are you sure you want to leave this page???” if you click anything but the edit buttons to conclude your happy association with the PostEdit page. 


While normally I don’t have a problem with “Are you sure???” on the CS PostEdit page, I’m repurposing it on one of my Community Server projects to perform more utilitarian duties, so the popup is a pain in the buttooski. 

The good news is that the super-smart developers on the Community Server Core Team made disabling the popup super-smart easy.  Setting the CSConfirmation base class IsInEdit property to false in PostEditor.aspx.cs frees your users from PostEdit inquisition, now and forever.  Amen.

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