CS Nuglet: Extending master.Master

The more I work with Ben Tiedt’s excellent Community Server Chameleon architecture for controlling page display the more I groove on it.  I can’t believe the guy uses a MacBook…

Anyway, here’s a nuglet describing how I extended the Community Server Master.master file on a client site over the weekend to control its output based on the application.

Let’s say you have a footer that you only want to show on all site areas except the forums area.  Rather than creating a new common/.Master page for forums, extend it using Chameleon Intelligence.


<asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID=”footerContent” runat=”server”>
    <CSControl:Placeholder runat=”server” Tag=”Div”>
        <DisplayConditions Operator=”NOT”>
                        ApplicationType=”forum” Operator=”EqualTo” runat=”server” />


This displays the content on all Community Server areas except Forums.  Neato.

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