CS Nuglet: On Telligent_Modal is not defined in CS2007

A Community Server project I’m working on currently is based on a custom theme that I received from my client.  It’s a very attractive theme that I like a lot.  Seriously.  And there aren’t a lot of attractive Community Server sites out there, so I appreciate working with a standout theme.

I was working on a custom Chameleon form that contained a modal window link, but a Javascript “Telligent_Modal is not defined” error prevented the modal window from opening.  Looking in the custom theme’s .Master file I saw the problem:  a missing Telligent Modal Web Control.

<TWC:Modal ID=”Modal1″ runat=”server” CssClasses=”CommonModal,
      LoadingUrl=”~/utility/loading.htm” />

So if you’re customizing a CS2007 site and see the above in a .Master file and think it doesn’t do anything…well, it does.

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