CS Nuglet: Ratchet back the Cachefactor

Extensive caching is one of the reasons Community Server rocks and scales out the ying-yang for sites like Dell, MSNBC, Microsoft and MySpace.  But for off-the-highway sites like DBVT.COM CS Caching can be annoying, especially in CS 2007.1 where something happened and we’ve got Cache Extremo.  “Oh darn, there’s an error in that post I just published.  Better touch the web.config before the cached post with the error goes out to 100 subscribers.”  Word!

I’ve found peace with Community Server caching by ratcheting back the Cachefactor Core setting in the CommunityServer.config file from 5 as the default to 2 without seeing any performance issues at all.  It really makes a difference in post updates appearing more quickly.

The title of this nuglet was going to be “Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Community Server Caching.”  But it was a little long and I got to use the word “Ratchet” instead, which is always a grammatical pleasure for me.

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