CS Nuglet: Rooting out “Hawaii”

So you’re going to do some heavy-duty theming on your brand new Community Server 2008.5 site.  You’ve created a copy of the \Themes\Hawaii theme and named it “DBVT.”  Okay, maybe you didn’t name it “DBVT,” but there it is and you’re ready to start customizing.


The first thing we do at this point is update the DBVT/theme.config so we can distinguish it from Hawaii when selecting our new theme in the Control Panel.

Okay, here is where we’re entering Community Server Nuglet territory.  To avoid theming weirdness and frustration in wondering why our styling changes aren’t being reflected on our pages it’s important to root out all appearances of “Hawaii” in the new DBVT theme pages and replace them with the path name of our new theme.  Visual Studio 2008’s Quick Find and Replace works pretty well for this. 



So don’t forget when creating a new site theme, root out “Hawaii” and be happy.

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