FetchExtendedAttributes Function: Where ya been all my life?

I can’t believe I never used this handy SQL function before.  I knew about it for a couple of years, but I never needed it.  When I was doing the import of my Community Server blog to BlogEngine.Net I knew I needed some help stripping out serialized data in the CS_Posts PropertyNames and PropertyValues fields, so I went back to track it down.  Specifically I needed to transfer author and website information of comments in cs_posts to the be_PostComment table.

I always enjoyed working with serialized data.  I think its slick and efficient.  This post from 2006 describes working with serialized weblog extended attributes.  The only downside of serialized data as I see it is when you need to query it from a SQL table.

That’s where the FetchExtendedAttributes function saves the day by extracting data values by their key names.  Below is how I used the function to pull author and website information from my old cs_posts table.


Here’s the location of the FetchExtendedAttributes function in the Community Server Media Gallery.  You oughta grab it.

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