On Community Server Modal Window Styling

I was working on a Community Server site-in-progress recently, so the out-of-box theme files encountered some initial experimentation before I applied my gentle carress.  Not a problem-o, but Community Server Modal Windows took a hit.  I was doing an application mod and my Modal Window header and footers were gone!  Transparent.  Non-existent.  I had these funky popup windows that were DOP (Dead On Popup.)

So a few bits on Community Server modal (popup) windows are in order.  First, the style settings for Community Server modal windows are set in master.Master, or somewhere in your site’s .Master pedigree.


<TWC:Modal runat=”server” CssClasses=”CommonModal”
         TitleCssClasses=”CommonModalTitle” CloseCssClasses=”CommonModalClose”
          ContentCssClasses=”CommonModalContent” FooterCssClasses=”CommonModalFooter”
          ResizeCssClasses=”CommonModalResize” MaskCssClasses=”CommonModalMask”
          LoadingUrl=”~/utility/loading.htm” />

The Modal Window CSS Classes are located in Common.css, and if Common.css has been improved upon, like Jack Nicholson in the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and as a result the digital neural connections to these classes are removed, you’ll be dealing with transparent and non-existent window borders making your modals completely unusable.

Customizing these classes in your .CSS files of choice will give you a great deal of flexibility in displaying Community Server Modal Windows to your liking.  I like clean #EEE headers and footers myself.


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