The Community Server Control Panel CP Link

I do this on almost every Community Server site I manage, and as a result love and adoration flow unabated to Vermont.  It’s a simple [CP] link added to the UserWelcome.ascx user control that replaces the “Control Panel” menubar link.  Who wants a “Control Panel” menubar item anyway, particularly on a stylized CS site?

Here’s what I’m talkin’ bout.


See the “CP” at the right?  It’s all you need to keep a Community Server site healthy and strong, administratively speaking that is.  To create your own “CP” link and experience love and adoration, too, add the following code to the bottom of UserWelcome.ascx.  Replace the ResourceName and ResourceFile properties with your own CP location, or even Text=”CP” if you like.


<CSControl:PlaceHolder ID=”PlaceHolder1″ runat=”Server”>
    <DisplayConditions><CSControl:UserInRoleCondition ID=”UserInRoleCondition1″
        Role=”SystemAdministrator” UseAccessingUser=”true” runat=”server” />
     <LeaderTemplate> | </LeaderTemplate>
        <CSControl:SiteUrl ID=”SiteUrl1″ UrlName=”controlpanel”
         ResourceName=”ControlPanel_Abbreviated” ResourceFile=”DBVT.xml”
         runat=”server” />


I guess I can’t guarantee the love and adoration thing, as your mileage may vary.  I can guarantee, however, that this is an efficient use of real estate that does the job.

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