A Tweetful post from Vermont to Kansas and Back

This post is essentially a collection of tweets about my Christmas 2008 experience of visiting wife-side family in Manhattan, Kansas for 5 days. I’m of the opinion that more than 3 tweets in succession should take a different form, so I am sticking them here in one place.  This post might also be viewed as an Everyman Links-Lite, instilling faith that the genre has not died and another full-bodied Everyman Links post is coming soon.


  • We flew out of Burlington for Manhattan, Kansas on Christmas Day. Christmas is a great day to fly.
  • United provided excellent service in both directions.  No Jet Blue, but close.
  • There were 3 Chinese young people talking loudly in their native language over flight safety instructions during pre-flight from Chicago O’Hara to KCI.  Didn’t know how to feel about that.
  • Why is it that when I psychologically need my Zune the most (during flight take-off and landing) I’m forbidden to use it?
  • Kansas City International is a great airport with exceptional car rental facilities. It needs a lot more outlets to plug laptops into though.
  • Stayed in a Best Western near KCI before heading to Manhattan the next morning.  $49 a night for a decent room.  Kansas has a lot of great qualities…
  • The MacDonald’s on the I-70 toll-way between Kansas City and Topeka rocks.
  • The more I visit Kansas the more I enjoy its distinctive landscape, particularly as we get closer to Manhattan.  Flint hills dotted with grazing beef stock and buffalo if you’re lucky.
  • Manhattan is the home of Kansas State University and a great college town. Small town feel.  Good honest folk.
  • When in Manhattan be sure to enjoy great Mexican food at the La Fiesta.  Another Manhattan restaurant I enjoy is Sirloin Stockade, but we didn’t make it there this visit.
  • Started each geek day in Manhattan on my laptop with a triple black coffee-of-the-day from Radina’s Coffeehouse in Aggieville.
  • I got a ton of work done on the trip and managed to stay in family form. At least my wife is happy with me, so I’m good and all is well. 
  • The alcohol laws in Kansas are set at the local level.  When in Manhattan you cannot buy beer or wine (or bourbon) on a Sunday.  Make all necessary preparations!
  • Three hour layover in O’Hara on trip back. Two hours is cool. Three is on the long side. O’Hara is a beautiful airport though. It needs a lot more outlets to plug laptops into though.
  • We happened to return from Chicago to Burlington on the same flight as a family from church who was returning from a week visit with family in Iowa.
  • The weather in Manhattan was over 50-degrees and beautiful nearly every day.  Freakishly unusual for a Kansas December, but I’ll take it!
  • I started reading Future Files: The 5 Trends That Will Shape the Next 50 Years heading out of Burlington airport Christmas Day and finished it on the return flight to Chicago. 5-stars. Review coming soon.
  • Watched two episodes of Deadwood Season Two on my Zune on the final flight from Chicago to Burlington.
  • Arrived in Vermont 20 minutes ahead of scheduled arrival time.  Happy to be back in spite of the 17-degree temperature on arrival.

I suppose I should add a link to my twitter stream on my blog, but in the interim here’s my twitter stream.

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