A Wrap on Beach Week 2008

Another year, another week at Holden Beach, North Carolina comes to an end.  I was unexpectedly able to remain in touch with the world from our beachfront rental through the kindness of a friendly motorola router somewhere on the block.  As in all other areas it was a week of digital consumption and little productivity, so I’m only now reporting in from Vermont.

Holden Beach is a residential community located on a small island between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, where the North Carolina coast curves and runs east to west.  This is a view of Holden Beach heading over the bridge to the island.



Our beach house was the small one in the center below.


The photo below of our rented beach umbrella and chairs probably best captures the week.  Sun, sky, sand, dunes, hot temperatures and warm water.


One of my favorite things about the beach are the pelicans.  Pelicans might not be the most handsome bird, but they are the coolest. 


I enjoy the evening light on the beach the most.


One of the most enjoyable experiences of beach week is showering outside.  I keep thinking I’m going to have one built here at home, but it’s hard to justify the expense of an outdoor shower in Vermont considering the brief summer season.


My doctor came down on me hard for not running during my April vacation in Ireland, so I ran 4 miles every day at the beach on the sidewalk shown below.  I always enjoyed running in the southern heat.



The Beach Week 2008 Album is located here.  It’s time to get back into Productivity Mode.

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