A Zune Video Collection Snapshot

One of the reasons my Zune won my affections over my iPod is the ease with which I can add videos and other materials to my media collection.  The Zune software seems to be much more integrated with the file system than iTunes.  Changes in file folder contents that are monitored in Zune are instantly updated in the collection.

Another advantage of the Zune is that the screen is quite a bit larger than my iPod, a bonus for video viewing on the [NordicTrack].  As for ripping DVDs, I use the imTOO DVD to Zune Converter which works really well.  I particularly like being able to change the recorded zoom from Letterbox to a “medium” display, pan-and-scan or full screen to get the most from the Zune display dimensions.  You can record to WMV, MP4 and several other formats.  I’ve even recorded commentary tracks as audio-only AACs.

I added a couple of movies to my Zune video collection today, 300 and Papillon, so I thought it would be fun to share the current contents of my video collection.  As you can see, most of my videos lend themselves to [NordicTrack] viewing, Stargate Atlantis and Deadwood, with a few movies thrown in like The Big Chill, Robots and White Christmas.  Hey, everyone needs a little Bing Crosby on their Zune!


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