And the pig you rode in on

Early Wednesday afternoon I was at my desk remotely configuring a client’s IIS server to support some weird CAD file extension when I started getting the chills. Within minutes I was shaking pretty bad so I headed down the hall and straight to bed.  The flu had come calling big time.

I was exhibiting all of the symptoms of the Swine Flu, so on day two I called the doc for counsel. He told me how the rules of Swine Flu response changed each day and on the day I called, if I had recently visited one of 9 states which he then named I would have been asked to come in to robe-up and get swabbed.  Rhode Island, where we just returned from April vacation, wasn’t on his list.  Also, my symptoms, while they matched those of the Swine Flu line-by-line, weren’t severe enough to warrant testing for it.

Four days after its appearance I continue to try to get past a bout of good old fashioned Influenza A. Not fun. Weak, tired all the time, sore throat, ibuprofen every 4 hours, no beer. I can write code and update web sites, but I can’t blog about it.  Some sort of left-brain, right-brain flu thing, I guess.  When you see an Everyman Links in your feed, you’ll know I’m back.

Recently someone I follow tweeted “I am not afraid of Swine Flu!”  Idiot.  No, we shouldn’t live in fear, but this Swine Flu is one nasty virus if it’s a lot worse than what I got hit with.  Just be careful out there, people.

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