Cardiac Bits for January 17, 2008

Great session at the Health Club today. I went to the Health Club for the first time since my most recent catheterization procedure on Friday. It’s hard to believe a third tube was inserted in my heart a few days ago. I clicked off 650 calories on the elliptical machine while watching “Instinct” from season two of Stargate Atlantis on my iPod. No heart pains at all, but more curious was that I hardly broke a sweat in going pretty hard for almost 60 minutes. I’ll have to ask how a newly freed-up blood flow to the heart affects general conditioning at my first Cardiac Rehab session tomorrow.

Attacking one nutritional nasty at a time. Since I’ve pretty much got an established exercise pattern for cardiac goodness going, the biggest lifestyle challenge is now diet. Today was my first trip to the grocery store since Friday’s procedure. I decided I can really only focus on one cardiac nutritional nasty at a time, and reducing sodium seems to be a good place to start. Long term, I realized today that the grocery store just doesn’t do the job and that I’ll have to start shopping at a Whole Foods or alternative grocery in the area. The everyday grocery offers “reduced sodium” in many products, about a third less sodium than normal, but a reduced sodium Triscuit is still a high sodium Triscuit. Shredded Wheat is the only grocery healthy sodium Triscuit alternative, seems to me. Bear Naked Granola was an excellent find today, and for some reason Silk Vanilla Soymilk is a lot tastier than I used to think it was.  I’ll hit an alternative grocery after Cardiac Rehab tomorrow to be cardiac complete.

End of the plastic grocery bag. I listened to an interview with the CEO of today on Marketplace. Here’s a link to the story. While this doesn’t have to do with cardiac rehab, its part of my grocery store rehab program. I’m going to start bringing my own bags to the grocery store. I never thought about the extent to which plastic bags are polluting our planet, both in the volume of bags and their inability to biodegrade.

Minus five pounds. Five pounds lighter than I was when I left the hospital Friday.  My 12-step program for donut addiction is underway. I am powerless over donuts—and my life has become unmanageable. I was actually at the Dunkin’ this morning and had no desire for a donut with my coffee. I also haven’t had a beer since Friday, so that’s probably a factor with the weight as well. Fortunately there’s still a wide variety of California Merlots and Crown Royal as healthy alternatives.

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