Digging my new Zune Pass

I’m Day Two into being a Zune Pass subscriber.  Being a Pass subscriber means I can download anything in the Microsoft Zune marketplace to my Zune for $14.99 a month.  I was focused on having full play access to Zune Channels as the primary Pass benefit and didn’t realize that I had full-play access to the entire Zune library.  That’s huge.

For an example of being Zune Pass Man, I was on my [NordicTrack] yesterday and with my laptop on my reading rack I went to the Zune Marketplace where I noticed Daughtry’s album. I clicked the download button and the complete album went straight to my laptop–and to my Zune when I sync’d it later.  So with a single click I was enjoying Daughtry while reading through some of my RSS feeds on The Track.

With the Zune Pass you can now keep 10 tunes a month as opposed to losing them when your subscription ends if you don’t purchase them with Microsoft’s point system.  I might have to use this month’s allotment to buy this album. (Yeah, I like Daughtry.  What’s it to ya?)

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