Enjoying Expression Web

I’m putting a web site up for my sister who makes beautiful quilts.  I decided to use Expression Web and for her blog, BlogEngine.Net.  I’ve got more to say about BlogEngine.Net (the more I use it, the more I like it!), but that’s another post.

Expression Web has a number of templates that help you get started, which is the route I took.  The HTML is super clean and the interface helps you get the job done really quickly.

Check out this example below.  I want to change the font on all H3 tags of a single page.  I highlight the area (1) and view the HTML (2), much like VS2008.  Then I can select the page CSS class in the sidebar (3), making the process super quick and GUI-driven, which is a refreshing change for an old-time code guy like me.

I hope I get the chance to work more with Expression Web, though unfortunately I don’t get to do many quilting sites.


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