Facebook: To Serve Man

I deleted my Facebook account today and I feel fine. As for why I left, I couldn’t help thinking I was in a Twilight Zone Episode titled “To Serve Man.”  Facebook was the master alien race and I was heading up the stairway into the spacecraft.

If you don’t happen to be familiar with this classic Twilight Zone episode from 1962, a 9ft tall alien race called the Kanamits land on earth, eradicating disease and hunger and the need for warfare. Everyone completely falls for these guys and is tripping over each other to fly back to planet Kanamits which they assume is a complete paradise.  Everything’s jake until a translator named Chambers and his female assistant are assigned to decode a Kanamits book titled “To Serve Man.”

It’s Chambers’ turn to travel to planet Kanamits so he happily goes off to make the necessary preparations, assigning the task of finishing the book translation to his assistant.  As he ascends the stairway into the spacecraft she rushes out onto the platform and yells, “The book. To Serve Man. It’s a Cook Book!”

You can learn a lot from the Twilight Zone. You really can.

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