Getting this political bookmark monkey off my back

I really wanted to do an Everyman tonight, but I have to get this political bookmark monkey off my back first.

It’s that damned Palin.  She drives me frigging nuts.  I feel like Jenny’s angry boyfriend in Forrest Gump. He runs around frothing, treating Jenny like crap, then falls back on “It’s just that lying son of a bitch, Johnson!” in apologizing for his violent outbursts.  When a client asks me, “Dave, do you have that report online yet?” and I respond, “I was going to, but it’s just that lying bitch, Palin!” I know I have to pull back from Memeorandum a teensy bit.  Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet, but I should probably purge these political bookmarks as a preventative measure.


My fellow prisoners. I think it was Bill Maher who said how sad it was that McCain wasn’t our president during the last 8 years.  That was McCain’s Time.  2008, sadly, is not. “My fellow prisoners?”

New word: Thoughtdown! Like Scoble says in his Corporate Weblog Manifesto, “10) If Doc Searls says it or writes it, believe it. Live it. Enough said.” I’ve been a Doc Searls Disciple for a long time and agree with Scoble 100%.  Here Doc shares his thoughts on Tuesday’s debate. While I appreciated Doc’s perspective on the debate, I’m blogging this to celebrate a great word I never read before. Thoughtdown!

Expectations. I laughed so hard at this Pat Oliphant Editorial Cartoon on Palin Expectation Achievement that I scared my dog Murphy, who jumped to his feet thinking something was wrong.

Palin Bingo. If I thought the prospect of Palin leading our nation was funny I would have played Palin Bingo during the VP debate.  But it’s not and I didn’t.

Palin Quote Generator. Too funny. Click on the button a few times to get into the Palin groove.

The Great Schlep. Young Jewish girl speaks to the issue of young people influencing the vote of their Floridian Jewish grandparents. “Get your fat Jewish asses on a plane to Florida…Love, Nana.”  What’s brilliant about this site is the marketing tie-ins to The Great Schlep CafePress product line.


That’s all of them. Hopefully now the more geeky Everyman can come out and play.  Thanks!


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