Labor Day Scenes from Vermont

We wanted to do something Vermonty as a family on this Labor Day Holiday, so we took the Stowe Resort gondola up Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest mountain.  The gondola didn’t take us all the way up, as there was a .7 mile trail to the crest, [accurately] rated in the trail map as “difficult.”  We didn’t make it all the way to the top.  Vermont trails fall into the difficult rating when rock climbing is involved, which was the case today.  My wife and I like to hike, but we don’t rock climb.  Our little girl was disappointed when we turned back, but that’s the downside of having oldster parents.  There are tradeoffs, of course, like a fat college fund on the plus side, but that wasn’t a recognized bonus today, I’m sure.

Speaking of old parents, my wife and daughter know that I want my ashes thrown off the top of Mt. Mansfield.  After encountering the difficult trail from the gondola I told my little girl that it’s okay for her to take the Stowe scenic toll road to the top of Mansfield when the time comes.  I want to make sure my ashes get all the way to the top before they’re spilt.

Big holiday sales in the Stowe outdoor fitness shops, so we stopped at one and each bought our CamelBak backpack of choice, as they were half-price, or $45 each.  Sweet!  With a CamelBak I’m ready to re-take that .7 mile difficult-rated trail!  I probably should have also bought real hiking shoes to replace the Teva sandals I wear when hiking, which I wore when we hiked to the top of Camel’s Hump, but the Tevas work for me.

A funny Ben & Jerry’s Labor Day sidebar. My wife and daughter wanted to stop at Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory since we were driving past it on our way back from Stowe. I’ve been to the factory twice in the last month, but my girls haven’t been there all summer.  I’m always okay with stopping at Ben & Jerry’s factory. We went to the Flavor Graveyard, of course, and wanted to get some ice cream (of course!), but the lines at the factory scoop shop windows are almost always insane.  There were at least 30 people in line today, and it wasn’t really a busy day at the factory.  We decided to stop at a Ben & Jerry’s shop at Williston, Vermont close to home on the way back instead, some 20 miles north just off I-89.  I told the gal behind the counter that we were at the factory and decided to come here to avoid the long lines.  She replied without skipping a beat, “That’s why everyone comes here!”  She got a big tip for that.

Ahh, yes.  About those Labor Day Scenes from Vermont.  Sorry.  Here are three of my favorites.  The 14-pic photo album is located here.

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