My podcast queue is out of control

I mentioned that catching up on my 120 or so blog feeds while on vacation wasn’t an issue, but now I’m faced with my iTunes podcast queue shown below.  I’ve listened to a couple of hours worth of podcasts since yesterday (one which merits its own ipod and dog post) and is not listed here.  The list also does not include 4 DotNetRocks shows sitting on my iPod in .ACC format, each over an hour long.

Current podcast feeds in iTunes consists of the Gillmor Gang, ITConversations (All Programs), Phil McKinney’s Killer Innovations, Adam Curry’s Podfinder, Silicon Valley Technology Media InfoTalk, and Church of the Customer.

Total iTunes queue totals 1234 minutes, or over 20 hours of earplug time while walking the dogs or running errands.  That leaves absolutely no time for music on-the-go faves like Arrowsmith singing “…when I whip out my big ten inch…record of the band that plays the blues…”  Fortunately I can listen to Toys in the Attic while coding.


Title and length of Podcast in minutes

Killer Innovations for July 17th 2005 36.49
Killer Innovations for July 24th 2005 31.15
KI_20050731 Emergent Innovations 33.24
Frank Martinez: Technometria 50.20
Joseph Fuselier: BioTech Nation 6.44
David Plotz: Tech Nation 23.47
John Thackara: Tech Nation 22.03
Hossein Eslambolchi: Supernova 2005 31.02
Jamais Cascio: Participatory Panopticon 37.01
Adam Bosworth: MySQL Users Conference 44.39
CIO Panel: Software 2005 38.54
Mark Cuban: Larry’s World 12.26
Jimmy Wales: ETech 2005 12.34
Brand X: The Law and IT 34.21
John Lupton: BioTechNation 9.34
Susan Casey: Tech Nation 21.36
John Valliant: Tech Nation 21.54
Applications for a Mobile, Connected World: Supernova 2005 54.58
Anna Nagurney: MeshForum 2005 52.33
Tim O’Reilly: MySQL User’s Conference 55.46
Scott Kriens: Software 2005 30.55
Andrew Morton: SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series 90.45
Buzz Aldrin: Larry’s World 32.27
Roger McNamee: Souftware 2005 28.33
Kurt Huang: Web Talk 22.52
David Coursey: WebTalk 41.28
Dr. Gurinder Shahi: BioTech Nation 12.54
Joe Trippi: Tech Nation 37.58
Jonathan Schwartz: Supernova 2005 39.49
JD Lasica: Sound Policy 52.49
PodFinder Episode III 28.38
NYTimes John Markoff:  Media InfoTalk™:   Silicon Valley 14.16
Accel Partners:  Media & Venture InfoTalk™  with Theresia Ranzetta 18.50
Forrester Research on Podcasting & Blogs with Charlene Li 13.36
Microsoft in Silicon Valley with Dan’l Lewin 15.58
Mark Cuban InfoTalk at Innovation Summit 15.26
Google’s Greg Stein InfoTalk on Open Source 16.34
Microsoft Lesson’s Learned in Project Management with Scott Berkun 10.37
Future of Media, Technology and Telecom with George Gilder 18.53
Blog Software Trends InfoTalk™ – Matt Mullenweg WordPress Founder 18.53
National Security Advisor under Bill Clinton – Sandy Berger InfoTalk on Technology 7.33
CEO Looksmart – Search Engine InfoTalk with David Hills 12.18
Paul Saffo Institute For The Future with Rich Seidner Hosting 16.34
Excite CoFounder and Venture Capitalist Ryan McIntryre 14.59
minutes 1234.35
hours 20.57

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