Nordic Track Book Club Review: Blown to Bits

The subtitle of Blown to Bits is “How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy.” Does that tell you anything? Me neither. This lack of clarity and energy was the underlying problem with the book.

The authors, MBA Graduates from Harvard Business School, won a 1997 McKinsey Award for an article they wrote for the Harvard Business Review that became the basis of this book. Maybe because the world of business changed so much since 1997 (MUST I read about Peapod in 2004?) or because I’ve read these concepts several times before, my opinion is the authors should have stopped with the article.

Good concepts, but there was nothing inspiring or thought-provoking.  It was a very tiresome read, maybe because its prose was so academic and verbose.

  1. Separating the Economics of Information and Things
  2. The Trade-Off between Richness and Reach
  3. The Deconstruction of Traditional Business Structures
  4. Navigation and the Consumer Relationship
  5. Product and Brand Richness
  6. Acting Deconstructed

If you want a more complete list of concepts covered in the book, I found a great review here

Thumbs down on this one.  Nordic to something else.

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