Shout-out to Hoffman’s Chocolates Customer Service

Friends from Florida recently visited us during a week’s vacation at a nearby resort in Stowe, Vermont, and gave us a one-pound box of chocolate-covered pretzels from Hoffman’s Chocolates.  I had a couple of growlers chilled for the occasion and made my signature Louisiana Gumbo.  A fine time was had by all.

Our friends were raving about Hoffman’s and their products, in particular their chocolate-covered pretzels.  So when we broke into the box the next day we were surprised by how stale the pretzels were.  The chocolate was great but the stale pretzels ruined it for us and we threw them away.

I emailed Hoffman’s customer service and told them about the stale pretzels.  I said I didn’t know what their policy was, but here’s our address and the barcode number on the box.  (I kept the box until I emailed the company.)  The next day I received an email back saying they would be happy to replace the pretzels.  Tonight we received the replacement box in a refrigerated container sent by UPS 2-Day mail.


Why don’t people get it that if you provide great service and treat your customers with respect you’ll create more than a satisfied customer, but an advocate and salesperson for your company as well.  I never heard of Hoffman’s before last week, but this experience makes me a Hoffman’s customer probably for life.

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