Something Is Seriously Mucked-Up in Zune Marketplace Land

I love my Zune 80GB player. I love my Zune Pass. But I have to tell you, there’s something seriously mucked-up in the new 4.2 version of the Zune Marketplace. And when I say “seriously mucked-up” I’m talking data corruption that we in the database application biz fear more than the dentist saying, “I see a gum graft in your near future.”

Check out this screenpic. Click to view actual size. I’m listening to the Twister Motion Picture Soundtrack. And yet the album cover is from the movie 300. WTF? And yet this isn’t as wild as seeing a DEVO cover on an old Graham Nash cover like I did last night.


What’s more, “Album Only” songs have in the past meant a 30 second excerpt. Perhaps this is a new v4.2 bonus feature, but the entire song is now played.

And something else. When I go to my purchase history, nearly every song is tagged with “you’ve reached your maximum downloads for this item.” WRONG! And instead of the “download” button, a “buy” button displays, like I want to buy the tune again! So much for MP3 availability and the new Post-DRM Age of Enlightenment.

Finally, I’ve found many instances where music previously available with the Zune Pass—even music that I’ve purchased—is no longer available in the Zune Marketplace. In some instances the album doesn’t even appear when searched. That simply can’t be right.

Like I said, I love my Zune 80GB player. I love my Zune Pass. But Microsoft, seriously. Somebody needs to get fired. And their manager. And his manager.

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