Store 4x’s as many site links on your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

I use the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar around the clock.  Adding new client sites to the toolbar saves me a lot of time for instance.  And with Firefox you can simply drag the url in the address box to the Bookmarks Toolbar and you’re good to go with a ready site link. 

I’ve been running out of space on the toolbar lately.  It dawned on me that I only needed to see the favicons in the toolbar, not the site names, so I tested to see if I could blank-out the site name in the bookmark properties.


Shazam.  I could, so I blanked-out all of them with the end result being an icon-only bookmarks toolbar shown below.  I don’t honestly know if you can get 4 times as many sites on the toolbar with this technique, but it’s a lot.


I know what you want to know.  Can you do this in IE7?  The answer is “no.”  Site name is required in IE. 

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