The Return of Ipod

I would be doing Apple a disservice by not writing about the excellent support they provided in responding to the death of My Precious, which I wrote about here.

My expectations weren’t high, but I thought I’d go through the motions anyway.  I went to and filled out a brief form listing my iPod’s serial number, my address, and a description of the problem.  In about an hour I received an email saying that they would fix or replace my iPod at no cost to me and that a shipping box to safely return the iPod back to California would arrive at my home address.  I received the box the next day.  Pre-labeled, pre-post paid, all I had to do was stick the iPod in the box and drop it off at the local DHL.  Within 24 hours I received an email from Apple saying that they had received my iPod.  In another 24 hours I received an email telling me a new iPod was on its way to Vermont along with the DHL tracking number.  The next day, only 4 days since I filled out the support form, a brand new 160GB Ipod Classic arrived at my front door.  Needless-to-say, I was impressed.

Like I said in the previous post, the morning after my iPod died I bought a Zune, so here I am with a new Zune 80 and a new iPod Classic.  As impressed as I was with AppleCare, I’m locked in with my new Zune.  I really like it.  As a result my 10-year-old daughter is thrilled with her new iPod!  In the past when she and I would drive somewhere in my Honda Passport (no video like in the Odyssey!), I’d give her my new iPod on which she’d usually watch Stargate Atlantis and I would listen to podcasts on my 3-year-old iPod.  Now the new iPod Classic is all her’s.  My wife is convinced my daughter and I planned the whole thing.

An interesting aspect of transferring ownership of the iPod from me to my daughter was moving 40GBs of music and video from my laptop to her PC.  I suppose I could have wired up the machines, but I went the DVD route instead.  iTunes did a great job writing to DVD in XP and transferring on the other end in Vista was no problem, but the job required a lot of time and DVDs.  The payoff was freeing up 40GBs on my laptop’s hard drive.  My Dell Insprion E1705 laptop is great, but its over a year old now.  Incredible as it may seem, its 106GB hard drive was almost full trying to feed my iPod.

The moral of the story is that AppleCare was amazing, and even if it wasn’t life is good because I have a Zune, and moving 40GBs is still a big deal.

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