Zune Man with iPhone Will Travel

As of this afternoon, my wife and I now sport new 32GB 3GS iPhones. Our purchase and activation couldn’t have been handled more smoothly than it was by the nearby South Burlington AT&T guys at the Dorsett Street store. (And the place was a zoo!)  Now it’s time to contemplate how a Zune Man like me will live with an iPhone.  Here are the broad strokes I know to be true. 

First, I won’t be loading iTunes on any of my machines.  There’s no way I’m loading both Zune and iTunes on the same machine.  I love my Zune Pass and what Microsoft is doing with MP3 availability, so I’ll continue to use the Zune software 24/7, that is when I’m not using my Pandora One desktop client.  I’ll  be loading iTunes on my primary Vista machine because everything passes through it to my iPhone, another brilliant move by Apple. That said, the sole purpose of iTunes on my desktop will be to service my iPhone.  Zune software will provide the music.

My Zune is for entertainment and information, the iPhone is for communications…and tweeting, but that’s it.  Once my feeds to Marketplace, ABC News This Week and other personal podcast staples start hitting my iPhone there will be very little reason to continue carrying a Zune for trips to the Price Chopper and other everyday errands.  One thing for sure is that I’ll be using my Zune ear buds with the iPhone, as they are FAR superior to the crap earphones that come with the iPhone (and iPod.)

Zune HD will change everything. I had always planned on buying a Zune HD in September as soon as they became available. But you know what? I’m tired as hell embarrassing myself like some deranged Owen Meany, accosting people who I think are carrying a Zune.  I don’t see how the Zune HD is going to change anything. I am quite certain that my coronary arteries will jam up and my heart seize before I ever experience the sensation of swapping a song with another Zune user.

My iPhone purchase was mostly due to peer pressure and because I had to switch my account from Unicel to AT&T anyway.  Nothing will change in my phone usage. I decided that I will be moving all of my business communications to my iPhone. I’ll be getting rid of my office phone and its accompanying monthly long distance bill and instead will be using the iPhone exclusively for my business.  That’s around $50 bucks a month to apply to our family AT&T bill.  With my wife moving from Verizon to AT&T, there will be little difference in our total monthly cell phone expenses.  For those of you who are rightly concerned about whether this is a good move based on escalating minutes, on a busy month I spend around 120 minutes on the phone with clients. I receive maybe 3 calls a month on my RAZR. Somehow I make a pretty good living in spite of so little phone face time. Go figure. With those numbers, it’s a no brainer; it’s all iPhone all the time for Dave Burke Consulting.

After much deliberation, it looks like my days with the Zune are numbered.  The iPhone wins.  I used my first iPod with it’s monochrome display, no pictures and no video for 4 years.  You have never heard me speak ill of it.  Same with my Zune 80GB.  It’s personal, like a pair of running shoes.  (If you’re a runner, you’ll understand the analogy.) The iPhone is a wonder, it truly is. Having used it less than 10 minutes, I created a video while waiting for my wife and little girl in the public library, staying in the car to play with my iPhone.  The iPhone represents a paradigm shift in personal communication.  It really does. We’ll see where it leads together, which is the only thing I know for sure.

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