Zune needs a Recently Added Playlist

I said yesterday that I wouldn’t go back to iTunes and my iPod after going Zune.  That doesn’t mean the Zune software is perfect.  I miss the iTunes Recently Added folder, for one thing.  I have rarely in my life purchased anything but complete albums, but I’ve been discovering so much new music on Pandora that I wanted to purchase several bookmarked songs on Amazon and create a Zune “Singles” Playlist to store them.

To do this in iTunes I would simply go to my Recently Added playlist and drag songs to a playlist.  No such ability with Zune.  I actually had to go to my Amazon media library, search individually for a Zune tune, then right-click and use the context sensitive popup menu to add to my Singles playlist.  Way too crude.


Here’s the new playlist with tonight’s Single purchases.  Sorry it’s not copy-and-pastable.  I won’t apologize for the image being so small, since I know that most of you geek readers of my blog pump up your screen resolution so much that this sized-text is the norm. 

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