Everyman Links for December 14, 2009

World on Reset. This is an important ChangeThis Newsletter. “I keep saying that this is not a recession, it is a reset. What amazes me is how many brilliant people I know, in the US and around the world, who either don’t see it as anything more than a recession, or who don’t want to.”

The neglected HTML Sitemap. I haven’t composed an HTML Sitemap since 1996.  I’m good about XML sitemaps, but perhaps I should re-consider my HTML sitemap malaise. Good points on the value of good old fashioned sitemaps, including a tip on how SEO link juice on linkbacks to a sitemap page pass through all of the links on the page.

Geo-enabled everything. A short post on SEO and Social Media predictions for 2010 that brick-n-mortar businesses should read. “Can I get your street address so I can map my way to you? If I see your business and click the link on my phone, is your site optimized for me? Web development without a comprehensive plan for mobile is short-sighted at best, reckless at worst. If you have a premium product or service and don’t have a dedicated smartphone apps, you’re falling behind.”

Posting Secrets. Items to consider in protecting a bit of our privacy online. Home addresses with domain name WhoIS records, location tweets, our birthday, personal items on a screenshot, hidden document info for starters.

Eric Lawrence on Fiddler. Our pal Jason Haley referred to this video as a hidden gem from PDC. I’d have to agree. (I always agree with Jason, except about that geeky Reflector stuff which I don’t understand.)  61 minutes of Eric Lawrence on the evolution of Fiddler with insider debugging tips.  I watched half of it and really need to make the time to finish it.

Ray Kurzweil does Everyman. A surprisingly accessible article by Ray Kurzweil on the world in 2020.  I think one of his people wrote it.  Still, good stuff. One snippet, “We now have the software of life (our genes) and the means of upgrading that software. How long do you go without updating the software on your cell phone? Not long: it does it by itself every few days or weeks. Yet we are walking around with obsolete software in our bodies that evolved thousands of years ago. Within 10 years, that will change.”

Liking the popup login. I’m enjoying the great work of a young man named Srinivas Tamada.  His popup login control makes such good sense.  Note to self, there’s no need to go to a dedicated login page anymore.

Even Chris Brogan can do UX better. Interesting self-analysis from Chris Brogan on his website design. Some of his observations were too many calls to action, subscription options too plentiful, no real “path” for his posts and his readers’ learning.

JQuery page peel and your own twitter time line. Both are new to me. Page peel. Your own twitter time line.

Bottled water. Bad. Please take a quick look at this graphic on bottled water energy consumption compared to tap water. 10,000x’s the cost!  Please also mention it to your wife, cause I think bottled water might be more of a chick thing.  I could be wrong about that.

Gene Therapy Rodeo. An exciting roundup of recent Stem Cell and Gene Therapy progress. Targeting and killing HIV-infected cells, reversing the growth of lung tumors and repairing heart attack damage among other good work.

Give M&Ms this Christmas. Great gift idea for clients. 52 ounces of M&M goodness.

Why men shouldn’t write advice columns. Guys.

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