Everyman Links for December 27, 2009

Data to ascend in 2010. A reminder from Mashable on the value of data as a marketing asset that can shape discourse and feed various channels. A look at the emerging role of metadata in marketing in this post as well. It reminds me of what Tim O’Reilly has been advocating as far back as 2005 that “Data is the new ’Intel side’ and owning the data is the new source of competitive advantage and vendor lock in.” Personally I’m hoping 2010 is when I start doing more interesting things with the aggregated data I’ve been creating over the years.

First, Organize 1000. One of those dense yet simplistic Godin posts that inspires to think long-term relationships and providing life time value in pursuit of the goal of building a tribe of 1000 people and seeing what happens.

2010 Predictivity. As one of many 2010 prediction posts over the last week, this Six Revisions post is good for scrolling over the headings and images.  “Content is king – no matter what. As seemingly redundant or over the top it might seem to have a screen built into the kitchen counter – if it doubles as a cutting board, all the better.” The article included a link to an Android 2.0 OS video that’s worth checking out. Very impressive little OS.  Another good 2010 Web Predictions post is from ReadWriteWeb, but the gonzo 2010 Web Predictive post is Joe Pulizzi’s 100 Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2010.  You’ll want to spend some time with this one.

Glitter-sized solar photovoltaics. Sandia National Laboratories scientists have developed tiny glitter-sized photovoltaic cells that could revolutionize the way solar energy is collected and used. The tiny cells could turn a person into a walking solar battery charger if they were fastened to flexible substrates molded around unusual shapes, such as clothing. In other words, 100 times less silicon generates the same amount of electricity.

Recommendation Engine. Hmmm. This Ecommerce SEO Tips post suggests incorporating a Recommendation Engine in the browse and purchase process, something which Amazon has perfected. In SEO terms, after the author added a Recommendation Engine on a client site, the effect was an increase in pages per visit, time on site and conversion rate with a reduction in the bounce rate.

jQuery links today. I think you’ll like this Infinite Carousel.  Nice Content Slider, which is very similar to this Image Rotator plug-in. Two other jQuery items you might find interesting are jTruncate and BigTarget.js. 

Hoping your Everyman Christmas 2009 was bright. I was going to write a post about my Christmas, but will capsulate for you here instead. For starters, you can anticipate a review coming for my new Christmas book, Inside Steve’s Brain.  Logitech speakers from Santa now complete my Roku-enhanced kitchen TV experience, and a new Family Popcorn Maker puts us on the road to freedom from microwave popcorn. Other than that, Everyman Christmas 2009 was marked by what I didn’t get. No Zune HD was under the tree as I had hoped it wouldn’t.  My Zune 80 works just fine, thanks.  I also remain Kindle-less, which is perfect, since I wouldn’t buy a digital book at $9.99 anyway. That doesn’t mean Santa didn’t bring us any electronics at all.  I spent part of Christmas Day setting up my wife’s new PC, and while my daughter spent most of her Christmas Day with Sims 3, I’m hoping she’ll be as impressed with her new Flip video camera as I am. The Flip is an artfully designed hardware and software experience.

That’s it for Everyman Christmas 2009. Thank you for reading and for a great year. I hope you have a great holiday week and a Happy New Year!

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