Everyman Links for December 6, 2009

Dark Side of Backchannels. Remember how I mentioned a Noise to Signal cartoon on backchannels a couple of Everymans ago?  Here’s a thought-provoking piece on “the dark side” of backchannels, where speakers are subjugated to attention-seeking audience members who post mean-spirited attacks and advertisements on those giant screens of, um, value-added content. “I would say that some members of the audience clearly recognized their power, and were setting the tone by using the backchannel to insert content and thereby interrupt the message. And they were, in effect, advertising themselves.” “The Twitter stream had become the center of attention, not the speaker.” “The stream was not a way for the audience to communicate to the speaker, but for the audience to communicate with itself.”

Kinder, Gentler Algae Biofuel Extraction. With nanofarming, nanoparticles can absorb free fatty acids from living microalgae, enabling them to give up their product while continuing to grow. Currently the process of extracting oil requires killing and harvesting the algae.  I know, this all sounds goofy, but it’s trippy exciting!

JQuery Links for December 6, 2009. Here’s today’s edition of JQuery Cool for you in a single Everyman link block. First a compilation page (from 9/1/09, but one with plugins I’ve not seen) of 95+ plugins, tutorials and cheat sheets. I haven’t seen the JQuery panorama before, for instance. I like this list navigation plugin. There ought to be some good uses for this jQuery notifier, too. This sliding login panel screams to be on a Dave Burke website.

Compress that CSS. Advice on reducing the size of your CSS.  Pretty standard stuff, though if you scroll half-way down the page you’ll find some interesting online compression tools.

Chrome, Chrome, Chrome Extensions. Google officially launching Chrome extensions next week apparently. Why do I care? Well, thought I’d announce it here hoping no one will notice, but I’ve been using Chrome the last couple of weeks on my laptop and its speed is amazing! Firefox and IE are painful to use in comparison. I’ve also spent some quality time in Chrome’s developer tools. Very useful. I haven’t had the courage to load Chrome on my office machines, but maybe functional extensions will change my mind.  And in case anyone is wondering, yes, I’m now a Google Chrome fan, but no, I do NOT want one of your extra Google Wave invites. Thanks anyway.

The Sun Shines in California and in Space. Great simulation photos of an orbiting solar panel project from Solaren Corporation, with whom California’s biggest energy utility PG&E entered into contract to purchase electricity starting in 2016. The electricity that is produced by these cells will then be converted into radio frequency transmittable energy, collected at a receiving station in Freso, California.

Effective Tagging. I really like how the site Inspiration Time uses tags so effectively.  Nothing technically tricky here, just smart arrangement of tags by category, some CSS styling and post counts. Good stuff here as well.  I like the 65 Inspiring Websites with Slideshows. Can’t get enough slideshows, just after buttons and popups.

Website success. More than buttons and bows. The crux of this 24 Ways article is worth reading twice, “Before we can address issues of aesthetics, usability and code, we need to tackle business objectives, calls to action and user tasks. Without dealing with these fundamental principles our clients’ website will fail.” Poor design, bad usability and terribly written code are symptoms of these bigger problems.

Red shirts. I’d like to think the scene Red Shirt One links to in this tweet was purely a demonstration of geek affection for The Gu.

Twitter widget whale. I blogged about adding a Twitter Widget in BlogEngine.NET just yesterday. Within a mere 24 hours I get to taste Twitter #fail in a new realm.  This is what my sidebar twitter profile looks like when Twitter is over capacity.  Maybe adding the Twitter Profile Widget wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Simple Social Media Marketing Truths. Seven insights about social media marketing from the Duct Tape Marketing Simple Truths department. Favorites in brief, “Listen. No one wants to read another blog. It’s kind of a real estate game. Sell awareness and the money will follow.”

Sign-off Tweet for 12/6. Tweet from a non-runner, “Oh, I do hate when it snows, because then I can’t go for my 5-mile run. It ruins my routine and I get twitchy all day. Ha-ha, no.”

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