Everyman Links for January 1, 2010

Community Manager slash Chief Branding Officer. The roles of the Community Manager seems to overlap with those of the Chief Branding Officer. Many of us small business types have to perform the roles of both, though we don’t hold either job title. I know I wear those hats with Sueetie, for instance. Community Managers “combine Web expertise with the ability to filter and create lots of content, customer service, marketing, business development and media/public relations.” The Chief Branding Officer puts a name and a face on the business for the valued qualities of accountability and approachability. The CBO ensures a focused brand, knowing what to say, when and where to say it, and who to say it to. By listening in on the conversations, the CBO can shape them while giving the product a voice.

The Body Electric. Interesting images of machines infiltrating more of our day-to-day activities as well as our bodies in this NY Times Review of The Department of Mad Scientists: How DARPA Is Remaking Our World, From the Internet to Artificial Limbs. “With each delegation of power, we become more comfortable with computers driving our cars.  Why put down your cellphone when you can let go of the wheel instead? Driving is the distraction. Let the car do it.” As for machines and the body, “’The eventual payoff isn’t just parity with unreconstructed humans. It’s superiority. Some mechanical arms now exceed the reach of human arms. Last year, a disabled sprinter was forbidden to run in Olympic-level track meets on his carbon-fiber legs because they were deemed too fast. And computerized limbs can be networked. Belfiore recalls a recent conversation with an Iraq war amputee about whether his new hand could manipulate a mouse. ‘Why do I need a mouse?’ he asked. ‘Why can’t I plug my arm right into a USB port?”

Underwater Gliders. Those in-the-know compare the success of the first robotic underwater glider’s crossing of the Atlantic as equivalent to Sputnik and Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight.

Marketing Trends To Watch in 2010. 5 “Non-Obvious” Marketing Trends for 2010 that warrant some thought. The Importance of When, becoming more relevant to the moment. Marketing with customer service through social media. “Sometimes the best marketing you can have is great customer service that delights your customers and gets them sharing their experience with everyone they know.” This is related to the rise of voluntary ambassadors. "In 2009 this term was often another way of referring to the practice of getting bloggers to write about your product or service. Amazon Top Reviewers and Power Twitter users are just two examples of big influencers who are not bloggers. A true ambassador program is about unlocking the passion of people who actually have some affinity for your product or service."

ReadWriteWeb Trends of 2009. This 25 page slideshow of 2009 trends is worth walking through. These trends are still emerging and will be affecting our strategic thinking in 2010.  More structured data services and standards. Real-Time Web as a new form of communication and new body of content. Personalization through filters and recommendations. Several good examples of Recommendation Engines on page 17. “The Internet is shifting to discrete units of information, organized in ways that are relevant and personal to each individual.”  Also covered, Open Data Standards, the Mobile Web and the Internet of Things.

More reasons why I could never survive in a real job. This Web Worker Daily post describes how web working allows us to enjoy the little things in our lives.  Flexible uniforms, wearing whatever we want. We can exercise when it’s best for us rather than squeeze it in during lunch. Personal appointments are a non-issue. Much easier to deal with unexpected events and illness. Dogs sharing the day with us. And a personal bonus not listed in the article, being there for my little girl when she gets home from school.

Ray Kurzweil’s Blio. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more about Ray Kurzweil’s Blio e-book platform at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Photos and details in this Wired article.

Social Media Perspective. Very important reminder from Duct Tape Marketing that social media can kill a business when it gets in the way of serving our clients and taking orders. “It’s all too easy to get sucked into building a big blog readership or twitter following and then wonder why your phone isn’t ringing. Social media for the small business is a way to create awareness and deeper engagement – it’s not a way to take orders.”

Beautiful Footers. 65 beautiful footers here to scroll through. Some web designers have so much artistic talent they even make footers a beautiful thing.

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