Everyman Links for November 14, 2009

WEEKEND EDITION. The lighter side of Everyman. 

A different take on round trips to the server. I discovered Stacey Mulcahy this week, or @bitchwhocodes.  I don’t know her, but she’s a bitch who codes apparently, who recently tweeted, “Roundtripping makes me as comfortable as bending over in front of an ass man. Just sayin.” 

I take mine #000000. That’s the caption of this Social Signal Cartoon. Funny, unless you’ve been drowning in CSS work lately like I have, then it’s not funny at all.  Still, you have to “hear” it to find the humor, and “#000000” doesn’t do it at all.  On the other hand, “I take mine pound triple zero,” then it’s funny.  Cause everyone knows to use 3 zeros to reduce CSS file size.

I missed the Singularity?  Love this type of illustration, the one type of ad I’ll click on. Mentioning “Singularity” anywhere in the ad whether applicable or not is bonus.

Girl and bear. Someone tweeted “Literally LOL’d!” Maybe it was @bitchwhocodes. I’m literally LOL’ing again creating the link.

Ahhhh! or Huhhhhh? I don’t know whether to be dazzled by these iPhone and iPod Touch app paintings or saddened to think people spent so much time creating them.  One thing for sure, most images in this compilation are completely beautiful.

The Great Burger Advertisement. This owners of this Waterbury, Vermont restaurant are geniuses, first in coming up with a 2-pound burger challenge, but to arrange for a local Vermont mag titled Seven Days to do a video on taking the challenge.  Mmmm…2 pound burger with 4-ounces of bleu cheese, 6 slices of bacon and two eggs, served in a crusty boule. Marge, I’ll be back in an hour.

Not Everyone is a Lumberjack. In less than a second you’ll know exactly what happens in this 1:02 minute video.  What’s astounding is the sanguine, supportive commentary of the woman doing the video recording describing the deed when it happens.

Kazoo Man Test. If you can hit the pause button while watching Metallica’s Enter Sandman being performed by the Kazoo band Mister Tim you’ve got much more self-discipline than me.

Some really bad food photos. I’ll have to agree with the author of the CHOW Food Media post titled WTF Safeway Blog?  Safeway’s a top-tier grocery chain isn’t it?  Yet they’ve got an official blog with photos taken by an employee named Kate. Almost without exception these are REALLY BAD photos.  I bookmarked this link almost a month ago and went back to the Safeway blog tonight where Kate is still serving up equally unappetizing photos. Geez, people.

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