Everyman Links for November 29, 2009

Sixth Sense. You know I don’t watch many minutes of online video, but I watched this TED presentation from India’s Pranav Mistry twice. Gestures and enhanced intelligence to interact with objects in the real world. 13.51 minutes, or drag the video to the half-way point to get a quick understanding of the potential of Mistry’s work. What strikes me is freedom from The Monitor. Then again, I don’t know if the whole world being digitally enhanced is that great an idea either.

Rupert has balls. This is the title of Jeff Jarvis’s article on Murdoch pulling out of Google. “That is the secret to Murdoch’s success. It is also the secret to his failure: Sometimes his balls land on red, sometimes on black. Murdoch plays the odds but he does it by making big bets. He can do that because he’s a mogul; they’re his balls.”

Inbound Link Tracking Analysis. Yeah, boring I know, but it’s one of those SEO issues that we should care about. This Top Rank post on tracking inbound links states, “the greater the number of relevant and authoritative links to a web page, the greater the potential for higher search engine rankings and qualified traffic.” Ranking factors include keyword focused anchor text, popularity, diversity and trustworthiness of the linking domain. 10 link analysis tools reviewed if you want to go deeper.

Solar is getting real. There seems to be a lot of exciting developments in alternative energy these days. According to CleanTechnica, solar power costs 50% less than a year ago. And there are now photovoltaic roof shingles. I can’t wait for when they can just spray that stuff on.

Drums next store. I thank God often for allowing me to live on a stretch of houses in the Vermont ‘burbs where there’s no kid who plays the drums. If there was, these clever ads for Ludwig Drums would not be very funny. But since by the grace of God I’m drum free, I can enjoy these ads a lot.

HPM stands for Hyperion Power Module. News of the Hyperion Power Module this week, a miniature power reactor that could change the world. “The sodium fast reactor, or integral fast reactor, is a liquid-metal-cooled reactor. It burns nuclear waste, emits no CO2, and shuts itself down in an accident. We have enough fuel to power the whole world for tens of thousands of years.” Bring it!

Photoshop Illustrations to flow over you. Smashing Magazine posts “Beautiful Photoshop Illustrations By Artists Around The World.” It makes me think back to the scene in The Big Chill. It’s the middle of the night. The William Hurt druggie character who never sleeps is watching an old movie in Kevin Kline’s family room, being questioned by the Tom Beringer TV Star character who just had a dirty dream what he was watching. “You’re so analytical!” Hurt responds. “Some times you have to let art flow over you.” This Smashing Magazine post is a lot like that.

PollDaddy. At the end of the Smashing Magazine post was a cool poll. I followed-up on it and discovered PollDaddy.com. Very nice. Of course, YetAnotherForum.NET also supports polls, so it’s not that useful to me personally. 🙂

Website questions that need answers. Titled Questions to ask clients before designing their website, these questions in actuality should be asked about our clients’ existing sites and our own sites on an ongoing basis. “Top 3 frustrations with your current site?” “What do you like most about it?” “Competitor websites you aspire to?” “Imagine your website in 5 years. It still works because…”

World without Steve Jobs at Apple. There were many “I’m Thankful For…” posts on Thanksgiving Day. It was a special day in the blogosphere. Michael Arrington wrote a great piece on being thankful that Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. How true, though I’m glad some of the commenters mentioned how thankful they were for Bill Gates as well.

20 Social Media Best Practice Tips. They seem so obvious, yet we forget. Social Media practices I liked on this BizGrowthNews post included, “Encourage sharing of your content.” “Find ways to grow your opt in list.” “Create anticipation.” “Have a strong visual identity.” “Share your back story.”

I’m just saying, not every event needs a backchannel. They say that if you have to explain a joke it’s no good. But here is a Noise to Signal toon of a eulogy being given with a twitter backchannel projected on a giant screen. The author’s elaboration explains the technological trend in an insightful way, concluding with “that doesn’t mean we have to be jerks about it.”


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